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MikeMike is a Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford focused on understanding the evolution of orogenic systems worldwide. His avid love of mountaineering morphed into a love of geology and mountain systems. He did an undergraduate degree in geology at Aberystwyth University in Wales and a PhD at the Open University studying the metamorphic sole of the Semail ophiolite in Oman. For the past 30 years he has studied the geology of the UAE/Oman ophiolite, Himalaya, Karakoram, Tibet, and Southeast Asia. He has published over 160 papers and written two books. His most recent book, published in 2013 is entitled Colliding Continents: A Geological Exploration of the Himalaya, Karakoram, and Tibet. Mike is still an avid rock climber and mountaineer and continues to spend much of his time exploring the mountains and jungle in some of the planet’s most remote regions. You can read more about Mike’s research here.

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Rebuilding one village and school after the Gorkha earthquake, Nepal with Mike Searle

Mike is a Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Oxford focused on understanding the evolution of orogenic systems worldwide. This article follows on from a previous post Mike wrote about the Gorkha Nepal earthquake. You can see Mike’s other posts here. On 25th April 2015 a moment magnitude (Mw) 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal with […]


The 25th April 2015 Gorkha – Nepal Earthquake with Mike Searle | Nepal earthquake

At 11.56 am Nepal time an earthquake of magnitude Mw 7.8 struck near Gorkha in the Nepal Himalaya (Fig. 1, 2). The epicentre of the earthquake was approximately 34 km ESE of Lamjung, 77 km WNW of Kathmandu and 73 km east of Pokhara. The hypocentre was at a relatively shallow depth of 15 km. […]


The Ophiolite of northern Oman and United Arab Emirates with Mike Searle | ophiolite

Ophiolites are giant thrust sheets comprised of oceanic crust and upper mantle rocks that have been emplaced (obducted) onto a previously passive continental margin. The Oman – UAE (United Arab Emirates) ophiolite is a 15-20 thick slice of Tethyan oceanic crust and upper mantle rocks, underlain by a granulite-amphibolite-greenschist facies ‘Metamorphic sole’. It has been […]


Mogok, Burmese valley of rubies and sapphires with Mike Searle | Burma

Mike is a Professor at Oxford University and has been working along the Alpine-Himalaya mountain chain for the past thirty years. You can read more about his work here. I had been trying to get permission from the Burmese authorities to travel to Mogok in the northern Shan state and the Jade mines of northern Kachin state […]


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