LJ Krumenacker

Robison Bonebed, Idaho with LJ Krumenacker

LJ Krumenacker is a PhD student at Montana State University. LJ’s work was highlighted on several news agency’s. See phys.org’s report here.   The mid-Cretaceous is a time poorly represented in the terrestrial fossil record of North America. While paleontologists are getting a better understanding of this interval in North America, most of this information […]


Dinosaurs in Idaho – LJ Krumenacker

The Gem State has more than gems (and potatoes). For the paleontologically inclined, Idaho also has an appreciable fossil record. Fossils range from the Precambrian to the Pleistocene, with fossils from all geological periods being reported. The only identifiable skeletal remains of dinosaurs known from Idaho are from the middle Cretaceous (latest Albian-Cenomanian stages, roughly […]


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