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4029I began studying geology and physical geography in Liverpool University in 2005 where I got my MESci. Worked for Neftex (Abingdon) before going back to Liverpool University to work for the Strat Group (now part of the Basins Studies and Petroleum Geoscience Group in Manchester University) as a research assistant. This job took me to the Karoo in South Africa, studying a range of sedimentary depositional environments from fluvial to deep marine fans. After a year and a half back in Liverpool I began my PhD in Lancaster University studying the provenance of the Nile delta cone sediments. I am currently 3 and half years into the project and am writing up my thesis before starting a job with CGG Robertson in North Wales. You can read more about my research here.
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Fig Rolls, Bedouin and rear differentials in the Red Sea Hills, Egypt with Laura Fielding | Egypt

This post is a continuation from “An Ethiopian Road Trip” and forms part of my PhD studying the palaeodrainage of the Nile and the delta cone sediments. One of our first tasks in undertaking this provenance study was to characterise each source area of the river Nile in order to identify its signature down-stream in […]


An Ethiopian Road Trip with Laura Fielding | Ethiopia

Laura Fielding is a PhD student at Lancaster University documenting the palaeodrainage history of the Nile River. You can read more about her research here. In January 2011 I set off on what was to be the first of four field trips as part of my PhD studying the provenance of the Nile delta cone sediments. Modern […]


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