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KirkKirk received his M.S. in geology from Washington State University in 2013.  He is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Northern Arizona University working on Miocene to Recent volcanic rocks of central Anatolia, Turkey. His research is part of an international collaborative effort with the goal of understanding the geologic development of Central Anatolia. His research interests include igneous petrology, volcanology, and social geology. When Kirk isn’t pursing his academic career, you can find him climbing mountains around the world. Schlife is good.

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Monitoring Geothermal Gases in Yellowstone with Kirk Schleiffarth

Yellowstone is the site of the largest geothermal system in North America, which is fueled by a giant magma reservoir 4 km beneath the surface.  The most recent supereruption took place 640,000 years ago, which ejected >1,0003 km (240 mi3) of material and produced the 45 x 85 km (28 x 53 mi) Yellowstone Caldera.  Post caldera […]


Geology of Mount Rainier – Kirk Schleiffarth

The rugged and heavily glaciated Cascade Range stretches from northern California through Oregon, Washington and into southern British Columbia.  The Cascades are the result of millions of years of accretion, uplift, and arc volcanism.  Lassen Peak and Mt. St. Helens were the only volcanoes to erupt during the 20th century with major eruptions in 1915 […]


Pico de Orizaba, Mexico – Kirk Schleiffarth

Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltepetl, at 18,490 ft. above sea level, is the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest mountain in North America.  It is a dormant stratovolcano within the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt that extends across much of central Mexico.  The modern day volcanic edifice of Pico de Orizaba was built within and […]


Mount Katmai – Kirk Schleiffarth

100 years ago, the largest volcanic eruption of the 20thcentury occurred on the Alaska Peninsula.  On the 6th to 9th June of 1912, a new vent produced an explosive three day eruption that produced 13.5 cubic kilometers of material (over 3 times larger than the 4 cubic kilometers of the 1980 of Mount St Helens).  Pyroclastic […]


Isla de Socorro – Kirk Schleiffarth

    Kirk Schleiffarth (from schlifeisgood) was gracious enough to share he adventures battling volcanos in Mexico. Kirk is a graduate student at Washington State University doing a MSc in volcanology. Kirk is an avid mountaineer, socialite, and troubadour. Thanks Kirk for sharing. Isla de Socorro, Mexico Socorro Island is 650 kilometers (~400 miles) due […]


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