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KarstenKarsten grew up in the old silver-mining-turned-high-tech town of Kongsbrg in southern Norway. He studied political science before turning to geology, and never looked back. Got a M.Sc. in structural geology from the University of Oslo in 2001 and a PhD in tectonics from the University of Tromsø in 2008. His dissertation was entitled: Tectonic evolution of the Lofoten passive margin, North Norway. Karsten now explores for petroleum in the Barents sea. You can see read more of his musings at karsteneig.no.

TG Posts by Karsten Eig

Svalbard: A geo-journey through time with Karsten Eig | Svalbard

Svalbard. What comes to mind? Polar bears that eat kids alive if they don’t carry guns in the settlement. Which they do. At least the parents. Dark as a coal mine half the year, even outside the coal mines. Bright as sun 24/7 the other half because…well, there is sun 24/7. Cheap booze. Cute, cuddly […]


Perm, Russia and the Permian: Carbonate Porosity for Muggles with Karsten Eig | Permian

Karsten is a regular contributor to TravelingGeologist. See his contributions here. Some places have a special place in the hearts of geologists. Iceland with its volcanoes. The Dorset coast because it is the cradle of modern geology. The Oslo Graben because of its complex geology. Some places are famous because they gave name to geological […]


Fossils of Denmark with Karsten Eig

When God had finished creating the Earth, He had some sand and gravel in excess. To get rid of it, the story goes, He dumped it in the southern North Sea, and that became Denmark. On closer inspection, this gravel heap reflects a varied range of deposition environments from the Lower Cretaceous through the Pliocene. […]


The mountains of Corsica with Karsten Eig

7 AM. Outside the tent, it’s still dark. Only the rays of headlight torches penetrate the morning mist. Stiff bodies crawl out from light-weight, and hence too small, tents. With some on one hand, they throw down something freeze dried with hot water added, while others cram the equipment down into small, light, expensive rucksacks. It […]



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