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Anna Bidgood began her career as an undergraduate studying Earth sciences at Oxford University. Her masters’ thesis focused on the ‘big garnet schist’ from Western Massachusetts where she tried to determine the origin of the textural unconformities within the garnets and how they tied in to regional tectonic events. During her undergraduate degree, she set her sights to south—west Greenland where she undertook her mapping project. Her love of remote places soon took her to the southern hemisphere and the Peruvian Andes where she worked with geologists in the search for copper porphyry. Anna will soon be starting her PhD at Oxford University with Mike Searle. In her spare time she can be found tearing up the rugby pitch or climbing mountains.

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The history of Alpine geology from a Swiss mountain top with Anna Bidgood

Anna is a PhD student at Oxford University. You can read more about her adventures here. When George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he replied “because it is there”. This approach to mountains and the ‘sublime’ has been present since the Victorian era when the infatuation with the Alps and glaciers truely […]


Deep rocks at high altitude – mapping in the Indian Himalayas with Anna Bidgood

Anna is a PhD student at Oxford University. You can read more about her adventures here. This summer I spent a month working in the Indian Himalayas, looking at rocks that have been subducted to depths of 100km beneath the surface of the earth. These rocks are known as Ultra-High-Pressure (UHP) rocks and contain minerals such […]


Part 2: Geological mapping in the Gardar Province, south-west Greenland | Greenland

This is part 2 of Anna Bidgood‘s adventure in the Gardar Province. You can read part 1 here. NARSAQ AND A BREAK! After 3 weeks of mapping we took a boat to Narsaq where we planned to spend 3 days relaxing in the hostel and restocking our food supplies. Narsaq is a town of 1800 people […]


Searching for porphyry copper in the Peruvian Andes with Anna Bidgood: Part 1 | Peru

Background As a 4th year undergraduate geologist at Oxford University, I really relish the opportunity to work abroad and gain the experience of working as an exploration geologist. It’s fantastic that there are opportunities for me and my peers that send us half way across the world for 3 months in the summer. We are […]


Geological mapping in southwest Greenland with Anna Bidgood, part 1 | Greenland

ARRIVING IN IGALIKO AND SETTING UP BASE CAMP We got picked up at Itilleq by a Landrover to transport our tents, food, tables, chairs and gun over to Igaliko. The gun we are carrying is for polar bear protection, however it is rare to get a polar bear this far south, particularly in the summer […]


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