Anna Bird

AnnaAnna started her geological career in Edinburgh where she got her BSc. She worked as a geotechnical engineer for a year before turning her attentions to the harder rocks of the Moine Supergroup which were the focus of her Ph.D. at Royal Holloway. Anna completed her Ph.D. in 2011 and had a slight change in research direction and started a postdoc studying the provenance of Chinese Loess. Her main research interests include geochronology and isotopic geochemistry. Other interests are mainly focused around sports, especially windsurfing. Anna spends almost all her free time either windsurfing or coaching kids how to windsurf in many glamorous locations around Europe. See her research profile here

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Headwaters of the Yellow River with Anna Bird

This follows on from an earlier post, which documents the first half of a trip to China, myself and an undergraduate student from Royal Holloway made in 2012. In this part of the trip we were travelling from Lanzhou in the Gansu Province up the source of the Yellow River in Qinghai Province through Sichuan […]


For all the dust in China… by Anna Bird

Anna Bird is a postdoctoral researcher at Royal Holloway University of London. Read more about her research here. Thanks to Anna for the great post. In 2012 Abigail Alderson and I headed off to China to collect samples as part of a NERC funded project titled “Dust storms and Chinese loess sources over the last […]


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