Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming with Allie Baczynski

Allie Baczynski is an organic geochemist interested in using the chemical signatures of biomarkers derived from ancient plants to reconstruct past landscapes and climate. She is currently a post-doctoral scholar at Penn State working to lower biomarker sample size requirements for isotope analysis. Today, the Bighorn Basin in north-central Wyoming is mostly badlands – dusty hills home to […]

Aqueous Geochemistry and Microbial Coalbed Methane in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana with Dan Ritter

When most people think of methane production and aqueous geochemistry, they probably think of shale gas. However, about 8% of the natural gas produced United States in a year comes from coalbeds. In the Powder River Basin, the majority of the natural gas is produced by groups of microorganisms that break down the coal and […]

Teton Range

The Grand Tetons and the Idaho farmland The Grand Tetons are a prominent N-S mountain range in Wyoming. I am tempted to argue that the Grand Tetons have the most complex and long lasting geologic history of any mountain range on the planet. Within the range, the Grand Teton dominates the skyline standing nearly 4200 […]