Tenerife – Mt Teide and Recent Volcanism

The last and current stage of volcanism on Tenerife is the post-caldera rejuvenation stage. This is primarily characterized by the stratovolcano of Mt Teide (12,198 ft) and its lower neighbor Pico-Viejo. These two stratovolcanoes are primarily trachytic and phonolitic in composition and are built upon a common basanitic and basaltic base. The most recent activity […]

Tenerife – Las Cañadas Caldera

Once the Old Basaltic shield-building eruptions found in Anaga and Teno merged into a single massif the shield experienced two to three million years of erosion. The post-erosion phase began with a new volcanic edifice was erupting in the center of the island between 3.2 and 0.17 Ma. This second stage is known as the Cañadas succession. […]

Tenerife – Old Basaltic Series

Ocean island or hotspot volcanos generally go through several distinct magmatic phases. The shield stage represents the first stage major episode of magmatism and nearly 95% of the volcano is formed during this stage. The rate of eruption is also maximized during the shield stage and is dominated by tholeiitic basaltic eruptions. Following the shield […]