The Troodos Ophiolite in Cyprus with Michael Anenburg

Michael Anenburg is a PhD student in the Research School of Earth Sciences of the Australian National University. He is a regular contributor to OnCirculation, the blog of the school. His research focuses on using field observations and experimental petrology to study the PGE (platinum-group elements) in sulfide ore deposits, the REE (rare earth elements) […]

The Ophiolite of northern Oman and United Arab Emirates with Mike Searle | ophiolite

Ophiolites are giant thrust sheets comprised of oceanic crust and upper mantle rocks that have been emplaced (obducted) onto a previously passive continental margin. The Oman – UAE (United Arab Emirates) ophiolite is a 15-20 thick slice of Tethyan oceanic crust and upper mantle rocks, underlain by a granulite-amphibolite-greenschist facies ‘Metamorphic sole’. It has been […]