Eclogite and granulite in Norway with Alex Prent

Norway is well known for its fjords, narrow seaways that are bounded by steep cliffs dropping from sheer heights into even deeper waters. 80 kilometers north of Norway’s second largest city, Bergen, we find the most impressive fjords of them all – the Sognefjord being the longest and deepest. I am, however, not coming to […]

The Australian–Antarctic connection in the Bunger Hills of Antarctica with Naomi Tucker

Naomi is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide specialising in metamorphic geology and isotope geochemistry working with Professor Martin Hand. Antarctica is an entrancing place. Her remoteness, elusiveness, natural beauty and unpredictability of the elements is both awe-inspiring and addictive. Visiting the most isolated regions of this continent – the rarest of Antarctic landscapes, […]

Incipient charnockites of southern India with Eleanore Blereau

Eleanore Blereau is nearing the end of her PhD at Curtin University, Australia (expected completion early 2017). Eleanore likes to work on metamorphic rocks, especially interesting and challenging rocks with minerals such as sapphirine and osumilite. She has experience using multidisciplinary data to evaluate the P–T–t evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks (petrography, SIMS U–Pb, LA-ICP-MS REE, THERMOCALC) from places […]

Ultra-temperature metamorphism in Madagascar with Catherine Wheller

Catherine Wheller is at the pointy end of her PhD at The University of Melbourne, Australia (excepted completion early 2017). Her research involves using phase equilibria modelling of mineral assemblages to investigate the formation conditions of high-grade metamorphic rocks. She produced a new thermodynamic model for sapphirine and is applying this model to rocks collected […]