The largest Neapolitan eruption with Claudio Scarpati

Claudio Scarpati is currently aggregate professor of Physical Volcanology and Volcanology at University of Napoli Federico II (Italy) and a visiting professor of Volcanology at Brigham Young University (USA). Using a series of detailed case studies Professor Scarpati’s research centres around identifying and quantifying the processes involved in explosive volcanism. His main research interests include: evaluation of […]

Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Pompeii and Vesuvius as part of a tour of the volcanoes of the Tyrrhenian Sea (here). Looking back through these photos, I am still amazed at the level of destruction of the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and yet the immense force of destruction also provided […]

Alpine Eclogitic Blueschist Gigapan

This eclogitic blueschist was collected from Chamois, Italy in the Zermatt-Saas ophiolite. At this locality, smooshed pillow basalts are clearly seen at the top of the ophiolite section although in most areas the primary magmatic textures have been obliterated by high pressure metamorphism. This sample contains glaucophane, jadite/omphacite, lawsonite (pseudomorphs), and other secondary minerals. The […]

Return to the Western Alps

This month I was lucky enough to again participate in the “Anatomy of an Orogeny” field course in the  Alps with the University of St Andrews. Last year I had four posts outlining our transect from Milan, Italy to Berne, Switerzland (clockwise from upper left: Sesia-Lanzo, Ivrea Verbano, Flysch and Molasse, Helvetic Nappes). This year we had great […]