Incipient charnockites of southern India with Eleanore Blereau

Eleanore Blereau is nearing the end of her PhD at Curtin University, Australia (expected completion early 2017). Eleanore likes to work on metamorphic rocks, especially interesting and challenging rocks with minerals such as sapphirine and osumilite. She has experience using multidisciplinary data to evaluate the P–T–t evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks (petrography, SIMS U–Pb, LA-ICP-MS REE, THERMOCALC) from places […]

Friday’s Fab Five #2

Because there is not much traveling in the wintertime, I will post another fab five for this Friday. This week’s fab five come from India. No where in particular, just some amazing sites around the country. The Taj Mahal is built of marble quarried from Makrana in Rajasthan. I was amazing at how little dissolution there […]