Ubehebe Crater and Titus Canyon

Death Valley National Park contains arguably the most diverse set of geologic features per square mile than any other national park in the world. Among the highlights are the Ubehebe volcanic field and Titus Canyon. The Ubehebe (you-bee-hee-bee) volcanic field is a classic example of a phreatomagmatic eruption. A phreatomagmatic eruption occurs when rising magma […]

Death Valley – Kellen Gunderson

    Kellen Gunderson on Death Valley. Kellen (website) is a PhD Candidate at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, United States. He is a tectonic geomorphologist currently working on spatial and temporal scales of fault slip rate variability in the Northern Apennines, Italy.   Death Valley (part 1)   To most people Death valley seems desolate. […]