The Australian–Antarctic connection in the Bunger Hills of Antarctica with Naomi Tucker

Naomi is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide specialising in metamorphic geology and isotope geochemistry working with Professor Martin Hand. Antarctica is an entrancing place. Her remoteness, elusiveness, natural beauty and unpredictability of the elements is both awe-inspiring and addictive. Visiting the most isolated regions of this continent – the rarest of Antarctic landscapes, […]

New England Orocline with Uri Shaanan

Impressive rock exposures and magnificent landscape in your study area are nice but having them reveal unique regional tectonic events is exciting and worth working hard for (Fig. 1). The easternmost part of the Australian continent consists of a Late Palaeozoic to Early Mesozoic orogenic belt that is tightly curved into an omega shaped oroclinal […]

Wittenoom impact spherules of Western Australia with Scott Hassler | impact spherules

Scott Hassler works for the common good at The Wilderness Society, focusing renewable energy, climate adaptation, and wild land protection and restoration, primarily in the Western United States. He continues to research the environmental effects of extremely large meteorite impacts and teaches a bit at UC Berkeley. Possibly too many of his travels, geologic and […]