The Australian–Antarctic connection in the Bunger Hills of Antarctica with Naomi Tucker

Naomi is a PhD student at the University of Adelaide specialising in metamorphic geology and isotope geochemistry working with Professor Martin Hand. Antarctica is an entrancing place. Her remoteness, elusiveness, natural beauty and unpredictability of the elements is both awe-inspiring and addictive. Visiting the most isolated regions of this continent – the rarest of Antarctic landscapes, […]

Braving the Drake Passage with Thomas Ronge

Dr. Thomas Ronge is a Marine Geologist currently working for the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven, Germany. You can read more about his research here. The Drake Passage and the Antarctic Peninsula are key regions for our climate as well as for it’s past evolution. Propelled by strong, perpetual Southern Westerly Winds, the dominant force in the […]

Geology in the Freezer with the Antarctica360 team

Thanks to the Antarctica360 team for this great update from the field. You can follow their adventures at Greetings from a cozy Scott Polar tent in the Royal Society Range, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica! As I sit writing this, it’s a balmy -13C outside, there is a 15 knot breeze and the midnight sun is shining (the […]

The Transantarctic Mountains with Graham Hagen-Peter | Antarctica

The Ross orogen: An ancient continental arc exposed in the Transantarctic Mountains Graham Hagen-Peter University of California, Santa Barbara An introduction to the Transantarctic Mountains and the Ross orogen  The Transantarctic Mountains form the boundary between the Archean and Proterozoic East Antarctic Craton and younger accreted terranes of West Antarctica (Fig. 1). This mountain belt […]