Coastal Maine Magmatism

My trip to coastal Maine started in the Deer Isle granite complex. This Devonian granite complex exhibits a complex and highly diverse set of igneous textures that are the result of new magma injection and mixing. The base of the plutonic complex is dominated by cumulates of large alkali feldspars and abundant mafic enclaves. Many of […]

Death Valley – Kellen Gunderson

    Kellen Gunderson on Death Valley. Kellen (website) is a PhD Candidate at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, United States. He is a tectonic geomorphologist currently working on spatial and temporal scales of fault slip rate variability in the Northern Apennines, Italy.   Death Valley (part 1)   To most people Death valley seems desolate. […]

Isla de Socorro – Kirk Schleiffarth

    Kirk Schleiffarth (from schlifeisgood) was gracious enough to share he adventures battling volcanos in Mexico. Kirk is a graduate student at Washington State University doing a MSc in volcanology. Kirk is an avid mountaineer, socialite, and troubadour. Thanks Kirk for sharing. Isla de Socorro, Mexico Socorro Island is 650 kilometers (~400 miles) due […]

Siccar Point

In 1784 Abraham Gottlob Werner put forth a theory later referred to as ‘Neptunism’. In this book he claimed that at the beginning of creation the Earth was covered with water. Rocks were separated from shrinking oceans incrementally layer upon layer with granite lying at its base. This precipitation continued until the creation was finished and continued […]