Yellowstone – Plume or Not?

Since relocating to Europe (Scotland to be precise), I have noticed many Europeans choose to leave their homeland during the summer months for long (sometimes 2-3 months) vacations. For the average American this is unheard of. Vacations I have experienced are always quick and to the point. One week in Disneyland, two days at the […]

Mount Katmai – Kirk Schleiffarth

100 years ago, the largest volcanic eruption of the 20thcentury occurred on the Alaska Peninsula.  On the 6th to 9th June of 1912, a new vent produced an explosive three day eruption that produced 13.5 cubic kilometers of material (over 3 times larger than the 4 cubic kilometers of the 1980 of Mount St Helens).  Pyroclastic […]

Iceland – Kellen Gunderson

Iceland was recently described to me as “Disneyland for Geologists”. The meaning of that phrase is obvious. Iceland is littered with the volcanoes, glaciers, and active faults that make geologists’ blood start pumping. But there are many places in the world that have all of these different features. What separates Iceland apart is the overwhelming […]