The ride to the volcanic field of Manantial Pelado pictured by Heather Winslow on her horse, Copeté, which means cowlick – the aerriero’s daughter named him.  The Rock of Gibraltar by our resident geographer @jrdean_uk. The Rock is composed of Jurassic shale and limestone deposited in the Tethys Ocean and subsequently uplifted during the continental collision between the Eurasian and African plates. This collision effectively closed off the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean resulting in the Messinian Salinity Crisis.  Lava flow over Ecuador by @jrdean_uk. The first in a series of photos entitled 'Travels of a Geographer: too bad he can't identify the rocks'  Kellie Wall making friends with the massive “plagiotastic” #andesite columns capping the ridge above Lost Lake in the #GoatRocks #ancient #volcano, #Washington #womeninscience @oregonstate @osu.ceoas  Ancient lava levees on Isla de Socorro. This channel was once a ranging torrent of lava running down the side of the volcanic island off the coast of Mexico. Photo by @cuacochi. Follow link in profile and read more about Pep's adventure.  Climbing to the top of a megacrystic granite in SW Ghana with Helen McFarlane.  Coastal outcrop of the Oecusse Volcanics pillow basalts from #TimorLeste by @jkmlee Pillow basalt forms as basaltic lava erupts underwater. Lobes of basalt extrude and cool very quickly and another lobe punches out and cools. The top of the entire ocean floor is made of pillow basalt just like this stuff and it is only in specific circumstances when it comes to the surface by tectonic forces.
 Campsite view at the Volcán Manantial Pelado in Chile by Heather Winslow. The Volcán Manantial Pelado is a poorly-studied basaltic andesite to andesite stratocone in the transition zone of the Southern Volcanic Andean Zone. Surrounded by regional, voluminous silicic magmatism, it is one of the few mafic centers in the area. Heather went to the Andes to better understand the petrogenesis of this infrequent, mafic eruptive center in order to further understand the diversity of parental magmas in the area. Follow the link in the profile to read about her Chilean adventure.  Travels of a Geographer #3: Machu Picchu by @jrdean_uk Pity that our geographer friend had no idea the significance of the Triassic #granite from which Machu Picchu is built.  Kellie found some incredible rock exposures in the #OldSnowy area of the #GoatRocksWilderness. This one Old Snowy area was named “Marble Cake” (flow-banded lavas), with others called "Black Licorice" and "Fruit Cake". #hungrygeologist @osu.ceoas  'Red sky at night, sailors' delight.' A red sky during sunset and sunrise is caused by small particles trapped high pressure in the atmosphere. The particles cause the refractive index to shift causing the sky to appear red. A red sky at night implies a high pressure system is moving in from the west (and a low pressure system has passed to the east) and the following day will likely be dry and sunny. The inverse is true with a red sky during sunrise and 'sailors take warning'.  Pep Cabré exploring an ancient lava tube on Isla de Socorro. @cuacochi  Geology in the jungle is hard stuff! Like finding a needle in a haystack!An outcrop of tonalite exposed in an dry stream in the Ayum Forest Reserve, Ghana. Read about Helen McFarlane's adventure in the profile link.
 A geographer goes to the #Alps of #Liechtenstein... @jrdean_uk  The next in our 'Travels of a Geographer' by @jrdean_uk Sedimentary rocks somewhere in Jordan.  Evidence that ice has the power to tear down a mountain—crossing the striated bed of a #glacier on our way to #OldSnowyMountain in the #GoatRocksWilderness with @wall_kt (photo by Nathan Van Cleave). See link in profile to read more about Kellie's adventure in the ancient volcano of the #GoatRocks. @osu.ceoas #womeninscience  Hydrothermal field on Isla de Socorro by Pep Cabré  Spectacular mafic dyke from #IsladeSocorro. The Isla de Socorro is a volcanic island off the coast of Mexico. It is the only felsic volcano in the Pacific Ocean. Read all about this amazing  with @cuacochi. Link in profile.  @unimelb team of #geologists pose on a mountaintop in #TimorLeste. Read all about it in our latest article. Link in profile. Photo by @jkmlee

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