Alpine Eclogitic Blueschist Gigapan

This eclogitic blueschist was collected from Chamois, Italy in the Zermatt-Saas ophiolite. At this locality, smooshed pillow basalts are clearly seen at the top of the ophiolite section although in most areas the primary magmatic textures have been obliterated by high pressure metamorphism. This sample contains glaucophane, jadite/omphacite, lawsonite (pseudomorphs), and other secondary minerals. The term eclogitic blueschist is used because peak metamorphic conditions were eclogite facies which was followed by a strong blueschist overprint. This sample comes from near locality 4 in Angiboust and Agard (2010) and is similar to their sample ZS0716 (see here).

See other excellent geologic gigapans by Ron Schott and Callan Bentley.

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