Swirling around Asturias with Daniel Pastor-Galán

Daniel Pastor-Galán is a geologist interested in plate tectonics in general. His research focuses in formation of mountain belts and global tectonic and geodynamic evolution of the Earth. He is especially interested in the formation of oroclines, which are map scale curvature in mountain belts and in the formation and evolution of supercontinents. He tries […]

Human drought in the Anthropocene with Anne Van Loon

Anne Van Loon is a Lecturer at the University of Birmingham. Her research is focused on catchment hydrology and hydrogeology. She studies the relationship between climate, landscape/geology, and hydrological extremes and its variation around the world. She is especially interested in the influence of storage in groundwater, human activities, and cold conditions (snow and glaciers) on the […]

The Troodos Ophiolite in Cyprus with Michael Anenburg

Michael Anenburg is a PhD student in the Research School of Earth Sciences of the Australian National University. He is a regular contributor to OnCirculation, the blog of the school. His research focuses on using field observations and experimental petrology to study the PGE (platinum-group elements) in sulfide ore deposits, the REE (rare earth elements) […]