A contrast of field work in Tibet and Patagonia with Devon Orme

Devon Orme is a Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. Her research focuses on sedimentary basins and the tectono-thermal history of orogenic systems. You can find out more about her at https://devonorme.com. As with many geologists, fieldwork is where my passion for studying Earth developed. In an undergraduate field methods course in the mountains of Big Sur, California, […]

Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming with Allie Baczynski

Allie Baczynski is an organic geochemist interested in using the chemical signatures of biomarkers derived from ancient plants to reconstruct past landscapes and climate. She is currently a post-doctoral scholar at Penn State working to lower biomarker sample size requirements for isotope analysis. Today, the Bighorn Basin in north-central Wyoming is mostly badlands – dusty hills home to […]

The largest Neapolitan eruption with Claudio Scarpati

Claudio Scarpati is currently aggregate professor of Physical Volcanology and Volcanology at University of Napoli Federico II (Italy) and a visiting professor of Volcanology at Brigham Young University (USA). Using a series of detailed case studies Professor Scarpati’s research centres around identifying and quantifying the processes involved in explosive volcanism. His main research interests include: evaluation of […]