The Transantarctic Mountains with Graham Hagen-Peter | Antarctica

The Ross orogen: An ancient continental arc exposed in the Transantarctic Mountains Graham Hagen-Peter University of California, Santa Barbara An introduction to the Transantarctic Mountains and the Ross orogen  The Transantarctic Mountains form the boundary between the Archean and Proterozoic East Antarctic Craton and younger accreted terranes of West Antarctica (Fig. 1). This mountain belt […]

South Georgia with Mel Leng

Professor Melanie Leng is the Director of the Centre of Environmental Geochemistry (a collaboration between the BGS and the University of Nottingham) and a Science Director at the British Geological Survey where she manages the Stable Isotope Facility. You can read more about her research here. The Travelling Geologist asked me to write a blog on the most spectacular fieldwork […]